Whales, Whales Everywhere!! August 1-5, 2022

August is off to an amazing start with whale sightings on every trip!  Some trips we have seen as many as 5 different humpback whales! On August 4th and 5th we saw that same 2 humpback whales feeding together.  We know from the Gotham Whale Catalog that these whales are NYC94 and NYC73.  They are older whales compared to the ones we typically see, so they are a bit larger and they are definitely not afraid of the boat.  We often have our engines turned off while watching these two because they often come right up alongside the boat, swim across the front of the boat or even go right under us.  They are always fun to watch.  On both days that we saw them we were fortunate enough to see them lunge feed together.  Truly an amazing sight!  Come see them for yourself while they are still in our area- book your trip today!