One of the best trips of the season!

We had such an amazing whale watching trip on Wednesday,  September 28th! The weather was absolutely beautiful, the ocean was so calm and crystal clear it was hard to believe you were in New Jersey.  We headed north to where recent whale sightings were reported and passed a few large pods of dolphins on our journey.  We found two different humpback whales just off of Sand Hook. The first whale was breaching and pec slapping over and over!  It was so amazing to watch him throw his entire body out of the water and land with a giant splash.  He also rolled on his back and kept slapping his giant pectoral flippers over and over.  All this with amazing views of NYC in the background!  Truly magical!  Captain Alan did a great job making sure everyone got excellent views of the whales,  even our passenger who was in a wheel chair.  Everyone on the boat was so thrilled and left with memories to last a lifetime.  We continue to run our trips into November so there is still time for you to come experience these gentle giants for yourself.  Don't miss out on the peak of our season- book your trip today!