More lunge feeding today!

Another great day out on the ocean with Miss Belmar Whale Watching!  We found a humpback whale just 4 miles out of the marina.  It was one of the whales we have been seeing all week long.  This time he was alone but he still gave us a great show.  We got a few great tail shots and a couple of great lunge feeding pics.  Everyone on the boat was in awe of seeing this great giant of the sea up close and personal.  There is nothing else quite like it.  They  even got to see whale poo!  How many people can say that? Our naturalist, Trish, explained that whale poo is very important to the marine environment because it is rich in iron and other nutrients which attracts and nourishes the fish which in turn attracts the whales. We have a professional naturalist on every whale watch so our trips are not only fun, but educational as well.  So bring your kids and come out for an adventure that you will never forget- book your trip today!

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