JUNE 24, 25, 26 2022 WEEKEND WRAP UP


It was a Beautiful Weekend but fishing wasn't as great as it was prior to the weekend unfortunately.

Friday June 24th - on the 3/4 trip we had a Solid morning of Jigging Blues and experienced anglers all caught their LIMIT or had DOUBLE their LIMITS. Less experienced anglers picked away as well and everyone caught some fish! On the 1/2 day trip we had a nice day of fishing for FLUKE and had some KEEPERS and alot of THROWBACKS and we caught a bunch of SEA BASS also that had to go back since the season is closed until July 1st.

Saturday June 25th - on the 3/4 trip the READINGS were there and more experienced anglers caught some BLUES but overall a pretty slow day as they just didn't want to bite. On the 1/2 day trip we had SOME KEEPER FLUKE with some THROWBACKS mixed in and a bunch of SEA BASS also that had to go back due to out of season.

Sunday June 26th - Pretty much the same unfortunately on the 3/4 trip we read some fish but they were hard to get. Only experienced anglers were able to catch some Blues. We also had a KEEPER FLUKE and a bunch of SEA BASS come over the rail but they had to go back since it is out of season. On the 1/2 day trip again SOME KEEPER FLUKE and a bunch of throwbacks! We were also catching alot of JUMBO SEA BASS which unfortunately had to go back since out of season BUT we are EXCITED to get back out there when it opens back up this FRIDAY!

Today's trips were canceled due to weather but WE ARE BACK AT IT TOMORROW!

We also had some AMAZING Whale Watching and Dolphin Watching Trips and a STARGAZING Cruise this weekend!

Miss Belmar Princess is sailing daily for the 3/4 day trip from 7:30am-2:30pm for Blues.

The Royal Miss Belmar is be sailing for the 1/2 day trip from 7:30am-12:00pm for Fluke and bottom fish.

In case you didn't know; We also have FULL GALLEY's on BOTH BOATS! We COOK Breakfast, Lunch, have Snacks, Soda, Water, Coffee, Tea etc for Purchase!

JOIN US TOMORROW! Make a reservation at missbelmar.com or Call Stephanie at 732-681-6866