Breaching Whale!

It was much cooler today than yesterday and a bit cloudy but it was still a great for whale watching on the Miss Belmar!  We headed north again to where our sightings have been and we spotted a whale close to where our sighting was yesterday.  He was easy to spot because he breached straight up out of the water! Such an amazing sight to see!  We watched as he surfaced and showed his tail flukes which is always fun.  You could hear all the kids squeal with delight everytime the whale surfaced. There really is nothing like seeing a humpback whale in the wild. We did not see dolphins today, but we did see quite a few seabirds including an Osprey, a Great Sheerwater and a Wilson's Storm Petrel. You never know what you will see on our trips, from Humpback whales to bottlenose dolphins, sea turtles and sharks, every trip is different and every trip is an adventure!  Join us for your own marine life adventure- book your trip today!