August continues to Amaze!

Our trips continue to amaze us with some of the best sightings we ever had.  The whales have been particularly active.  We have been seeing behaviors like chin slapping, tail throwing, pec waving, belly rolls, lunge feeding and of course, our favorite, breaching! There are more whales in our area and many of our trips lately have been finding whales right outside of the inlet.  These have also been some of our best breaching whales.  Not only have we been seeing a lot of whales breach, but on one occasion the whale breached over 30 times and on our trip yesterday the whale breached at least 15 times!  Every day on Miss Belmar Whale Watching is a new and exciting adventure!  Get your family together and join us for one of our fun and educational trips- you won't regret it.  The best memories are made aboard Miss Belmar!